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The Algarve in one weekend – 3 days in the Algarve

So you have one weekend in the Algarve and you want to get the most out of your time here as possible. This piece of paradise offers a unique mix of relaxation and adventure. Here are some tips from To the Sea Stories (an insider Algarve travel guide) on what to do and how to get the most out of your Algarve weekend (or 3 day) trip!

What to do

Visit beaches

The Algarve is known for its stunning beaches with dramatic golden cliffs and turquoise Atlantic. If you’re a true beach lover like me, you’ll definitely want explore some of them. To make this easy for you I’ve written down my favorite and most beautiful beaches for you already! Check them out and take your pick for your weekend trip!

Go supping or kayaking

The Algarve is absolutely perfect for supping and kayaking as there is so much to explore. Natural bridges, sea caves and clear blue water make this the ideal activity. If you want to go on a guided tour, just google any surf(and sup) school or kayaking tour company around. They can take you on an amazing trip discovering the beautiful coast and caves! A sup or kayaking tour takes about half a day and is usually best in early mornings. It fits perfectly in a weekend trip to the Algarve as you have the rest of the day for chilling or other activities.

Go on a cliff hike

I definitely recommend going on a cliff hike. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the Algarve. It just never get’s old. There are some beautiful trails taking you along the enormous golden cliffs with endless ocean views. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite hikes for you already! You can choose a shorter or longer hike to make it fit perfectly within your 3 day/ weekend trip.

Wander around beautiful old towns like Silves, Faro, Tavira and Lagos or explore beautiful beach towns like Lagos, Praia da Luz, Salema, Burgau and Carvoeiro. Visit Portuguese the markets, wander around the cute cobbled streets with crooked white washed houses and the typical Portuguese tiles or try one of many great (fish) restaurants.

The most beautiful beach towns in the Algarve

Coasteering and climbing

Another great activity to do if you’re just staying in the Algarve for a few days, is coasteering or rock climbing. Discover the beautiful dramatic cliffs by climbing and jumping off them! You won’t be disappointed!

There is so much more to do!

These are just a few of my favorite activities to do in the Algarve. If you want to check out more things to do for your weekend trip, check out my complete list of my favorite activities in the Algarve.

Where to stay

How do you choose where to stay in the Algarve on your weekend or 3 day trip? Easy! I’ve written down my favorite beach towns for you already! So have a look and easy peasy lemon sqeeuzy! I personally would recommend staying in one place and go one trips from there. If you like a little peace and quiet, make sure to check this link for the most beautiful quiet towns in the Algarve.


Rent a car! The Algarve is easy for driving and public transport is not the greatest. So especially if you like to go out and explore, I recommend you rent a car to get around. Renting cars can always be tricky so I’ve listed the best car rental companies (non sponsored!) for you already!

The best time to travel

Wondering what the best time of year is for your weekend trip to visit the Algarve? With year around great temperatures, the Algarve is always an amazing place to visit but it also depends on what you want to get out of your trip.


My all time favorite season to visit. It’s just soooo green this time of year. There are not too many people around but it’s the perfect amount of liveliness and all cafes and restaurants are open.


Summer is not my favorite season to visit as the Algarve can be quiet crowded in high season. However, crowds can easily be avoided especially if you visit the more quiet towns around.


I love the Algarve in fall! It’s the ultimate time to escape cold weather and enjoy some Algarve sun! The bougainvillea, temperatures and moonrises are my favorite this time of year. There are not too many big crowds and the weather is perfect!


Winter in the Algarve can be pretty amazing! With temperatures around 18 degrees and mostly sunny days, winter is great in the Algarve. I’ve even had many poolside bikini days with 23+ temperatures in the middle of January.


Make sure to explore the beautiful dramatic coast the Algarve is famous for.

Rent a car to get around and check out all the beautiful towns and beaches.

The best time to visit is the shoulder season. Spring and fall are the best!

The Algarve is perfect for being active and out door activities.



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