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How to get Turkish Citizenship by Investing in Property

The Benefits of Investing in Property for Turkish Citizenship

If you’re looking for a way to become a citizen of Turkey, investing in property may be the perfect solution for you. The Turkish government offers a citizenship by investment program that allows investors to obtain citizenship by purchasing real estate. This program has many benefits, including access to healthcare and education services in Turkey, visa-free travel to over 110 countries, and the opportunity for business expansion in Turkey.

One of the main benefits of investing in property for Turkish citizenship is that it can provide a long-term investment opportunity. As an investor, you can benefit from rental income or capital appreciation over time while also obtaining citizenship.

Additionally, investing in property can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and minimize risk. Another advantage of investing in property for Turkish citizenship is that it provides investors with greater flexibility than other investment options.

There are no restrictions on who can invest in real estate, making it an accessible option for anyone who wants to obtain citizenship. Additionally, the minimum investment amount required is relatively low compared with other countries’ programs offering similar opportunities.

An Overview of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program was first introduced as part of a package aimed at attracting foreign direct investment into Turkey’s real estate market. The program allows investors who purchase property valued at $400,000 or more to apply for Turkish citizenship. Investors are required to hold onto their properties for at least three years after acquiring them before they can sell them.

To apply for citizenship through this program, investors must meet certain eligibility criteria such as being at least 18 years old and having no criminal record. They also need to provide proof that they have made their investments with legally acquired funds.

The process typically takes around six months from application submission to approval. Once approved, investors can obtain their Turkish passports and enjoy all the benefits of being a Turkish citizen.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility to Turkish Passport

If you’re interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship through property investment, there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met. First and foremost, you must be able to make a minimum investment amount in a qualifying property.

The minimum investment amount is $400,000. In addition to the investment requirement, there are other eligibility criteria that must be met.

These include age, health and criminal record. To qualify for citizenship through property investment, you must be at least 18 years old and in good health.

You cannot have any serious illnesses or contagious diseases that could pose a threat to public health in Turkey. Furthermore, your criminal record will also be taken into consideration during the application process.

If you have been convicted of a serious crime or have any outstanding criminal charges against you, your application for citizenship may be denied. It’s important to disclose all relevant information about your criminal history when applying for citizenship.

Minimum Investment Amount Required for Property Purchase

The current minimum investment amount required for property purchase is $400,000. This means that you must either purchase one or more properties totaling at least this amount or invest this sum into an existing property in Turkey. It’s important to note that this is not a one-time payment; rather it is the total value of the property or properties purchased over time.

For example, if you purchase two properties valued at $125,000 USD each over the course of several months or years, this would meet the minimum investment requirement. However, it’s important to ensure that the properties meet certain criteria as outlined by Turkish law (discussed below) to ensure they qualify towards citizenship requirements.

Types of Properties That Qualify for Citizenship

To qualify for Turkish citizenship through property investment, the properties purchased must meet certain criteria. First and foremost, they must be located in Turkey.

They can either be residential or commercial properties. The property or properties purchased must also meet a minimum value requirement of $400,000 as discussed above.

In addition, they must be owned for a minimum of three years from the date of purchase in order to qualify towards citizenship. It’s important to work with a reputable real estate company or agent when purchasing property in Turkey to ensure that the property meets all necessary criteria and can qualify towards obtaining citizenship.

The Application Process

Application process for visa

Detailed explanation of the application process from start to finish

The first step in the application process is to select a property that meets the criteria set by the Turkish government. You will need to work with a licensed real estate agent to find a property that is valued at a minimum of $400,000 USD.

Once you have found a property, you will need to obtain an appraisal report from a certified appraiser. After obtaining the appraisal report, you will need to sign a sales contract and pay the deposit for your chosen property.

Once this is done, your lawyer will conduct due diligence on the property and ensure that it meets all legal requirements. With all paperwork in place, your lawyer will then submit your citizenship application.

Required documents and fees

To apply for Turkish citizenship through property investment, you will need several important documents including proof of income or assets, passport copies for all family members included in the application, marriage certificate (if applicable), birth certificates for children (if applicable), and photographs. In addition to these documents, there are also certain fees associated with applying for citizenship through investment.

For example, there is an application fee of approximately $1,000 USD per person included in the application. Additionally, you may be required to pay fees related to obtaining other necessary documentation such as appraisal reports or translations of documents.

Timeline for processing and approval

After submitting your citizenship application along with all required documentation and fees, it typically takes around 6-8 months for processing and approval. However, this timeline can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your case or whether any issues arise during due diligence.

Once approved by Turkish authorities,you can obtain Turkish tax ID numbers which are so-called “VERGI NUMARASI” . At this point,the purchase price must be paid by bank transfer from abroad.

Your lawyer will guide you through the process of obtaining your passport, which can take another 1-2 months. With your new Turkish passport in hand, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with Turkish citizenship including visa-free travel to over 110 countries and access to healthcare and education services in Turkey.

Obtaining a Turkish Passport

Obtaining a Turkish Passport

Steps to Obtaining a Passport After Receiving Citizenship

Once you’ve received Turkish citizenship through the investment program, obtaining a passport is the next step. The process may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite straightforward.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take: 1. Visit your local police station or passport office and obtain an application form for a new passport.

2. Fill out the form completely with all required information. 3. Provide the necessary documents: your original citizenship certificate, your identity card, and proof of payment for the application fee.

4. Submit your completed application along with all required documents at the police station or passport office where you obtained the application form. After submitting your application, it typically takes between 10 to 15 working days to receive your new Turkish passport.

How Long It Typically Takes To Receive A Passport

The typical processing time for a Turkish passport is around 10 to 15 working days from the date of submission. However, this timeframe may vary depending on factors such as workload, peak travel seasons and public holidays.

If you need your passport urgently due to unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency travel requirement or lost/stolen passports, you can apply for an expedited service which will process your application within 48 hours for an additional fee. It’s important to note that while obtaining a Turkish citizenship through investment program is relatively fast (within 6 months), obtaining a passport can take longer due to government bureaucracy processes involved in getting one issued.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Visa-free Travel

One of the main benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship through property investment is the ability to travel visa-free to over 110 countries, including the EU Schengen zone, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. This opens up a world of opportunities for business and leisure travel without the hassle and expense of obtaining visas. Imagine being able to pack your bags and jet off to Paris or Tokyo on a whim – that’s the freedom that comes with Turkish citizenship.

Access to Healthcare and Education Services

Another great benefit of becoming a Turkish citizen through property investment is access to healthcare and education services in Turkey. The country has a modern healthcare system with well-equipped hospitals and highly trained medical professionals. As a citizen, you can take advantage of these services without worrying about costly insurance plans or out-of-pocket expenses.

Turkish universities also offer high-quality education programs taught in English at reasonable costs. By obtaining citizenship through investment in property, you can provide your children with access to internationally recognized educational institutions in Turkey.

Opportunity for Business Expansion

Investing in property for citizenship opens up an opportunity for business expansion into Turkey. As one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, Turkey offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses or start new ventures. Becoming a citizen means you can operate your business freely within Turkey without worrying about residency permits or work visas.

In addition, as an investor, you may be eligible for tax incentives from the government as part of their efforts to attract foreign investment. With increasing foreign investment flows into Turkey’s expanding economy from both East Asia and Europe investing here would definitely pay off well!


After reading this article, you should have a good understanding of how to obtain Turkish Citizenship by investing in property. The process is straightforward and can be completed within a reasonable time frame. By investing in property, you not only gain citizenship but also benefit from the many advantages that come with being a Turkish citizen.

Eligibility requirements are simple and straightforward, making it easy for anyone to apply for citizenship. All you need is a minimum investment amount and to fulfill certain eligibility criteria such as age, health, and criminal record.

There are many types of properties that qualify for citizenship, so finding one that fits your needs should not be difficult. The application process is also relatively simple and can be completed within just a few months.

Once approved, obtaining a Turkish passport typically takes just a few weeks. With your new passport in hand, you will enjoy visa-free travel to over 110 countries including EU Schengen zone, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment program offers an excellent opportunity for foreign investors seeking to obtain citizenship in Turkey while reaping the benefits of their investment in real estate. With the advantages that come with Turkish citizenship including access to healthcare and education services as well as business expansion opportunities within Turkey itself or internationally through visa-free travel privileges – it is no wonder why so many people are choosing this path towards becoming citizens!



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